City Survey

Functions of City Survey Office

  1. Review of Maintenance Surveyors
  2.  To review governmental pressure and to guard the public space.
  3. Reporting of property cards through MS and changes in the public through these requests To edit.
  4. To disagree with the objections raised by people’s requests.
  5. City surveillance superintendent, running remarried cases of remand cases, making appropriate decisions.
  6. Copying the property card to the people through the City Survey Office.
  7. Measuring the flats of the house by the May Note of non-permanent orders by competent authority. And its measurements are new Making a property card.
City Survey Offices
Office Name Address
City Survey Office, Junagadh 1st Floor, Old Ayurvedik College, sardar baugh, Junagadh
City Survey Office, Vadal Gram Panchayt Building, At. Vadal
City Survey Office, Bilkha Station Road, Dhan Laxmi Complex, Opp. Bus Station, At. Bilkha
City Survey Office, Visavadar Mamlatdar office Compound, Visavadar
City Survey Office, Mendarda Mamlatdar office Compound, Mendarda
City Survey Office, Keshod Mamlatdar office Compound, Keshod
City Survey Office, Maliya Hatina Near Mamlatdar office Compound, Maliya Hatina
City Survey Office, Chorvad Near Ajanta Studio, At. Chorvad
City Survey Office, Manavadar Mamlatdar office Compound, Manavadar
City Survey Office, Bantva Near Bus Station, At. Bantva
City Survey Office, Mangrol Mamlatdar office Compound, Mangrol
City Survey Office, Vanthali Court Compound, Vanthali