History says that ancient names of Junagadh were Karankubj, Manipur, Revant, Chandraketupur, Narendrapur, Girinagar and also known as Puratanpur. After 1820 AD British Govt. gave the name Junagadh which is registered by the State and is popular in the public. However rural people even today say refer it as Junagadh. Junagadh was ruled by various rules.

In A.D. 640, Chinese traveler Huen Sang visited Junagadh.

After 1472 Mohmad Begda, Khalil Khan, Muzaffar, Sikandar, Bahadursha and Ibadatkhan were ruling Junagadh between 1573 to 1748 Mughals ruled over. Thereafter various Babis/Nawabs were ruling Junagadh upto 1947. Last Nawab of Junagadh Mohabatkhanji left for Karanchi on 9.11.1947 due to attack by Aarzi Hakumat established by public of Junagadh. In 1949 Junagadh State was merged with Saurashtra State.